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AFECC Profile

Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. (AFECC) is a large-scale multi-operational enterprise. It is mainly engaged in international project contracting, overseas mineral resources development, real estate development, jewelry processing, operation of supermarket and star hotel chains, building material processing, SPA resort, etc.. AFECC holds the first-grade general contracting qualification in housing construction and mechanical and electrical installation, the first-grade specialized contracting qualification in decoration and ornament, and the second-grade general contracting qualification in road construction and real estate development. In addition, AFECC has been awarded the certification in ISO quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system.

Since its establishment in 1992, AFECC has been actively responding to the strategy call for “Going Global”and successively undertaken nearly 100 large-medium projects in around 30 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, Central and Southern America, Oceania and some other regions, including China-aid projects, building projects of Chinese Embassy and Economic and Commercial Consular’s Office in foreign countries, Chinese government concessional loan projects and a series of international contracting projects. Among them the representative ones are: National Gymnasium, Ampitabe-Vatomandry Road, International Conference Center and Five-star Hotel in Madagascar, Togo Stadium, Mauritanian Presidential Office Building, New Office Building for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Conference Center, National Stadium, Maputo International Airport and Ministerial Office building in Mozambique, Office Building for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uganda, Camp Houses for Military Officer of Ghana, Aquatic Center of Samoa, Luxury Hotel for Parliament Members of Ivory Coast, Ethiopian Professional Education College, Grenada National Stadium, Myanmar International Conference Center, Parliament Building and University of Science and Technology in Malawi, Costa Rica National Stadium, Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Zambia, Economic and Commercial Counselor’s office building in France, Belgium and some other countries. Meanwhile, AFECC has set up branches in more than 20 countries successively, such as Madagascar, Mozambique, Togo, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Grenada, France and Belgium. These branches invest on real estate development and operation of hotel and supermarket chains. Thanks to the positive role played in increasing GDP and employment, all the above-mentioned projects are not only highly praised by local governments and people, but also fully affirmed by the government and some national leaders of China. All these made great contributions to strengthen Sino-Foreign friendship and set up a good image for overseas Chinese enterprises


AFECC Business Aircraft

In 2009, AFECC stepped into a brand-new field - overseas mineral resources development. Up to now, AFECC has acquired franchise prospecting license and mining license successively for diamond, gold, emerald, titanium-zirconium, copper and some other mineral resources in some African countries, such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Up till now, two mining areas, Anjin and Jinan, have already been constructed and put into operation in Zimbabwe. Remarkably, it takes less than two years only for Anjin mining area to establish seven modernized dressing lines and formed a complete system for diamond mine industry from prospecting, mining, dressing, sorting to selling. In addition, five dressing lines for Jinan mining area were put into full operation in March 2013. A Kimberley Process inspector, after inspecting Anjin mining area, expressed that Anjin was the best mining area he had ever seen. He made “five first-rate” comment to Anjin: first-rate scale, first-rate facilities, first-rate speed, first-rate team and first-rate management. The relocation area built by AFECC for the local people in the mining area is promoted as a model in Zimbabwe as a residential community with the largest scale, the highest quality and the most complete function.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Thsibwe diamond mining project has also been put in operation with a more prosperous future development. In addition, AFECC has several emerald mines in Zambia, which feature in rich reserves and high grade. AFECC was awarded the mining rights of Chibuto titanium-zirconium mine in Mozambique on Nov. 3rd 2014 after fierce competition. This mine is the largest undeveloped heavy mining resources known in the world with about 100 million tons of metal heavy sand deposit. Since the titanium-zirconium resource in China is limited, the development of this project would have realistic and long-term economic meaning for the relief of the shortage of mining resources of China.

At the same time of developing overseas mineral resources, the jewelry processing and selling work of the company is undertaking progressively. At the first half of 2014, AFECC registered Jewelry Companies in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Hefei, Anhui respectively after massive investigations on the jewelry market. The company also completed the registration of trademark- “Baoyan” and brand-“De Saint Jewelry” for De Saint Jewelry Limited.

The trial processing of Emerald is launched in Shenzhen. The initial show of part of the products from the trial processing drew extensive attentions from the jewelry industry. Trial production is commenced at the diamond processing factory in Tangchi Golden Peacock Spar Resort on March 13th 2015. The company employed well-known expert on diamond from Australia, and procured production equipment from Belgium and Israel, among which the laser cutting machine used for cutting of diamond is the most advanced equipment in the world. After opening in April 2015, all kinds of jewelries in the DeSaint jewlry shop is much-loved by all customers.

AFECC has several star hotels in China. Days Hotel & Suites Hefei, a 5-star hotel where the headquarters of AFECC locates, is beautiful and imposing with top grade facilities; Golden Peacock Spa Resort, a 5-star hotel situated inside the National 4A scenic spot,its elegant and joyful environment makes it a best tourist destination for the guests from home and abroad; Anhui Golden Peacock Spa Healthcare Center, combined with Spa and TCM health care, is an ideal place for leisure, physical examination and health care. AFECC has many hotel chains with booming business abroad, such as Golden Peacock Hotel in Madagascar and Malawi, Sogecoa Apart hotel and Golden Peacock Hotel in Mozambique, Oriental Hotel in Ivory Coast, Sogecoa International Hotel in Grenada, Sogecoa Zambia Golden Peacock Hotel in Zambia, Golden Peacock Resort and Villa Hotel in Zimbabwe. Moreover, AFECC opens large-scale Horizon IVATO supermarket chains in several African countries and they are well received by local residents. Remarkably, LongCheng Plaza in Zimbabwe is the largest commercial plaza in size, trade scale and complete functions in Southern Africa currently.

In recent years, AFECC has been awarded as the “National Civilized Unit” for four consecutive years and listed on “The ENR Top 225 International Contractors” for four several years. Other awards to AFECC include “National Outstanding Construction Enterprise”, “National Advanced Foreign Economic & Trade Enterprise”, “National Business Advanced Unit”, “China Top 100 Competitive Enterprise in Construction Industry”, “China-Africa Friendship Award – The Top 10 Chinese Enterprises in Africa”,“Top 100 China's Overseas Investment Enterprise”, “AAA-Class Credit Enterprise in Project Contracting and Labor Exporting”, “Advanced Enterprise in Anhui Province”, “Top 100 Enterprise in Anhui Province”, “Outstanding Construction Enterprise in Anhui Province” and some others..

By always sticking to the operation philosophy of “Sincerity, Innovation and Pragmatism” and the corporation principle of “Upholding good virtue and charity to the society and fulfilling responsibilities”, AFECC tries its best to provide first-class service to the friends from all circle of life and seeks common development and realizes win-win through sincere cooperation and the use of complementary advantages.

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