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Published:2016-12-13 18:44   Views:1492

The three-star Sogecoa International Hotel, whose particularly favorable location enables a ten-minute drive to downtown and fifteen-minute to Maurice Bishop International Airport, is situated beside the renowned Grenada Sugar Factory in woodlands, capital city of the State of Grenada. Our parent company, AFECC (An Hui Foreign Economics Construction Group Co., Ltd.) owns a variety of four-star and/ or five-star hotels located in P. R. China, the Republic of Zambia, the Republic of Mozambique, the Republic of Malawi, the Republic of Madagascar, The Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, and the State of Grenada, among the 15 hotels of which our Sogecoa International Hotel was among one of the earliest construction projects invested by Sogecoa Caribbean Ltd., a subsidiary of AFECC.

Our hotel possesses in total 38 deluxe rooms, with 1 suite, 6 family suites, and 31 single/ standard rooms, all of which are equipped with air conditioner, TV set, fridge, free internet access and an outdoor swimming pool. Besides, all our rooms are designed with separate living rooms and bedrooms, and also a bathroom covering more than 4 square meters. Compared with all the comforts we offer, the price for single/ standard rooms is set only at 60USD/ 160ECD pre night, which proves to be rarely found anywhere else in this part of the world.

Our elegant restaurant includes one dining hall to attract a capacity of 150 guests, and two separate dining rooms reserved for guests who desire privacy. We are proud that nowhere else all over the Caribbean Sea can you enjoy such authentic Chinese cuisine, being rich in variety and reasonable in pricing. Furthermore, we offer delivery of our freshly-cooked food within one hour or so to where the guest has designated.

Our splendid conference rooms, one for up to 200 guests, the other 50 guests, are both well equipped, catering to various customer requirements.

The open space behind our main building can accommodate 300 guests, making it ideal to hold public activities in.









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