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Published:2016-12-15 15:51   Views:898

SOGECOA (Mozambique) Hotel, equipped with 121 guest rooms and 192 dining seats, is located in the capital city of Mozambique - Maputo, adjacent to the central park and facing the sea, only 300 m from the coast, with beautiful scenery around. The hotel is located in the political center of the city, surrounded by government organizations like the city hall and courts, etc. It is only30 minutes drive from the hotel to the Maputo International airport, and 5 km away from the Maputo port. Convenient life services are also provided: near the hotel, there is a large-scale Chinese supermarket, a local shopping center, a cinema and KFC.  The hotel provides food and accommodation, parking area and airport transportation. Welcome to SOGECOA (Mozambique) Hotel.

Catering for 192 people in total, including 4 dining rooms which can accommodate 52 people and in the dining hall--16 tables which can accommodate 64 people, 3 big tables for 36 people and hot-pot tables for 40 people.

There are 121 guest rooms, including standard rooms, double rooms, luxury suites and hotel apartments.

There are business hotel rooms on floors 4 to 10, including standard rooms, double rooms, luxury standard rooms, each room with a private bathroom.

There are 3 hotel apartments and 4 luxury suites rooms on floors 11 to14.

There is a conference room for 100 people and 2 dining rooms on third floor.

On first floor, there is the reception area, business center, resting area and the dining hall.

For food and beverage, please call 00258 21329999.

For reservation (reception), please call 00258 21321111  21325555.

Business center: 00258  21323333




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